Media के बाद Google पर भड़के Trump, Fake News दिखाने का लगाया आरोप


US President Donald Trump has not only provoked the media of his country, but this time he has also hit Google with the search engine. Donald Trump has alleged that Google only shows negative stories about them. Trump said that this is a serious situation and it will be talked about. Earlier, the US president has repeatedly attacked the CNN, the Washington Post, ABC News and the Big Media House, such as The New York Times, as a factory of Fake News. The trump tweeted Tuesday said that Google’s “Trump News” Search only shows the news of Fake News Media.

Trump said that they are all cheating against me and others, so almost all the stories and news are bad and bad. Trump said that Republicans and good media boycott them. In one of his tweets, said 96 percent of the left wing on TrumpNews and very dangerous. Trump alleged that Google and others were suppressing conservative voices and hiding good news. The US president said in his tweet that this is a very serious situation, which will be the matter.

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