Recently, US President Donald Trump had banned Pakistan’s military assistance … after which the White House has now clarified in this regard … America has been waiting for such a message for a long time .. American President Donald Trump tried to send a message to Pakistan that the security cover offered to Pakistan should be given to the message that by supporting or ignoring terrorist terrorism, America can not be friends. The White House gave this information. The Trump Administration had accused Pakistan of not doing enough work in the fight against terrorism, along with it also banned the safety of nearly $ 2 billion given to it last month. Referring to the recent decisions of Trump, the White House gave detailed details in the Fact Sheet of his foreign policy, saying that President Trump is making clear to our colleagues that by supporting terror, or ignoring him, he is a friend of America Can not make it. Here, Pakistan has denied accusations of supporting terrorism. According to the White House, will pay constant attention to the dangers of the security of the United States and give priority to combating radical Islamic terrorism and its ideology and attempts to defeat it.

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