The fully lighted Combat Jet Tejas built in the country has not yet become worth the war. According to a report, Tejas has missed this deadly warlord deadline. It was announced by the government that in June 2018 Tejas will get the final operational clearance ie FOC. But this single-engine fighter jet is still far from its goal. Tejas is a very expensive project in the country and many concerns about its operation are harassing the authorities. Please tell us that only nine Tejas have been delivered in 123 Tejas so far. The cost of this project has also reached 75,000 crore. Indian Air Force currently has 31 fighter squadrons, while at least 42 squadrons are needed to deal with Pakistan and China. Now the 10 squadrons of MiG-21 and MiG-27 are to be retired, so this number will be reduced to 21 only. India re-launched a project of 1.25 lakh crore to achieve 114 Fighter Jets.

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