Real and Exclusive video of Nagmani, जानिये कैसी होती है नागमणि


There are many myths about Naagmani. It is believed that a Naagmani is a magical gem which holds amazing powers with itself. A person who would get Naagmani will be powerful enough to annex the whole world. Ichchadhari Naags (shape-shifting serpents) protect Naagmani. They are extremely powerful and anyone who infuriates them is compelled to inhale their last breaths. Naagmani is concealed in an unknown place where no one can go. Once in 25 years, the Naagmani shines very bright and others can see it. In only those few minuteNaagmanis one can touch Naagmani.

The Naagrani of Shesh Vansh is the prime guard of Naagmani. Only she is allowed to use Naagmani. Other than her, no one is allowed to even go near it. But the Naagrani is not the real owner of Naagmani. The real owner of Naagmani is Lord Shiva. Naagrani is the most powerful Ichchadhari Naagin of Shesh Vansh, who is given the prestigious responsibility of protecting Naagmani by Bhagwan Shiv. The Naagmani is needed to be protected because anyone can steal it for its powers and can misuse it to destroy the world.

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