Many Tribes are found in the world. Hunja, a similar tribe, is found in Hunja Valley located in Pakistan-based Gilgit-Baltistan mountains in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Hunza falls near the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. This village is also called the oasis of youth. The average age of people of Hunja village is 110-120 years. The special thing of this tribe is that the people here look beautiful and young-young. Especially women, who are young for 65 years and they can give birth to the offspring even at this age. Hunja village is situated on the Himalayan ranges. It is also known as the world’s roof. It is located on the northern edge of India, from where the boundaries of India, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan are met. The population of Hunja tribe is about 87 thousand. This tribe and their lifestyles seem hundreds of years old. People of Hunja tribe live without any problem for many years. It is said that many of these people live for 165 years. The unique point of Hunja tribe is that the people here are very sick. Tumor-like illness, he never heard of the name. By seeing these people, you can imagine that catering and good lifestyle influence people’s lives. Hunja’s people eat a lot of Khumanis Some people associate these people with a European breed. Indeed, people here look completely different from white-brown, young, cheerful and nearby population. The people of Hunja bath in cold water of ice at temperatures below zero. These people eat the same food that they themselves grow, such as khumanis, nuts, vegetables and grains in barley, millet and kutu. They eat less and walk more frequently. Walking 15 to 20 kilometers daily and jogging involves in their lifestyle. Laughing is also part of their lifestyle

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