Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, one of the world’s powerful companies, is always in the limelight. Being India’s richest man,

his security is also important. Whenever they are told, they are stationed in security from commandos to bouncers. One glimpse of this will be

yours in the viral video on social media. By the way, Mukesh Ambani has given the security of the Z category, which is the third highest

security available to anyone in the country. In the Z category, 22 security personnel are deployed. These are stationed in the security of state

police and paramilitary forces. Escort car moves ahead of the security of the Z category. If Mukesh Ambani walks in the car, he has a long-

drawn arrangement in the security and convoy who covers him in the security circle from his car before landing. Such protection in which no

spamming person can dare to reach them. If Mukesh Ambani flies off a chopper or a chartered flight, the security forces cover him as soon

as he arrives in his civilian area. About 60 special commandos are deployed in the family security. They pay more than Rs 20 lakh per

month for their security. 40 CRPF personnel and private guards remain posted under Ambani’s supervision.

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