An American woman has made many mistakes in the letter written by the White House … Not only that she sent the letter back to the White

House. Because this letter, signed by President Donald Trump, had many errors related to grammar, in which the woman was so angry that

she sent the same letter with corrective to the same address from which she came. In fact, Yavon Mason, who lives in Atlanta, America,

wrote a letter from the White House. When Mason opened that letter to read, there were many errors related to grammar. After this Mason

corrected all the inaccuracies of the letter and then sent it back to the White House. Yvonne Mason worked for 17 years as a English

teacher in a high school in South Carolina, although he has retired now. According to the New York Times, Mason said, “If this letter was

written in a middle school, C or C plus number If this letter was written in high school then I would give it a D grade. “Yvonne said in a

conversation with Greenville News,” There is no hope of a mistake in the letter received from the high office of the government. Do not scout

any kind of inaccuracy in the letter. “Although Yvonne Mason told that an employee of the White House wrote this letter.

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