China has made a huge amount of money for its ambitious project one belt one road..This project of China is proving to be a major harm to India. For this, India is strongly opposing it … In this whole case, the US A big statement has come … A US expert has said that India succeeded in reinforcing Chinese ambitious Belt and Road Initiative The Ua. India is the only major country in the world which has opposed the Chinese President Xi Chenfing’s ambitious BRI project. BRI has been said to focus on improving connectivity and enhancing cooperation between Asian countries, Africa, China and Europe. Andrew Small of the German Marshal Fund of America said that India has restrained the Belt and Road Initiative in South Asia to a great extent … let us know that India has given the flagship scheme of the OBOR i.e. Silk Road project to the sovereignty of CPE Due to worries, in last year’s May, the Belt and Road Forum did not participate.

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