Akshay khanna का हो गया ऐसा बूरा हाल, तस्वीर देख सोच में पड़ जायेंगे आप


70s star Vinod Khanna made a different point. He also stayed away from the films for 5 years but remained in the Osho Ashram but later he came back in films and was successful in the second innings. Later, he launched his eldest son Akshay Khanna with the film Himalaya son … Akshay Khanna’s film was not of interest but he started getting good films. Next he went for several years in the lead lead but suddenly what happened These actors disappeared from the film industry. Today Akshay khanna looks more than his age, let’s say what is the reason behind this … Akshay Khanna is a good actor, he has got the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Dil Chahta Hai. He was given the award for the same. But in spite of this, Akshaye Khanna could not succeed who had to meet him. The biggest reason behind this is their alcoholic habit, it is said that Akshay Khanna was addicted to alcohol, due to which he could not focus on his career. Akshay did not have any film from 2012 to 2015 In these years, Akshay has done control over his habit of alcoholism. The second Akshay did not pay attention to his physics, he lost his hair, due to which he started feeling more than his age. Akshaye Khanna is now 43 years old but he looks 10 years old from his age, whereas the actor who is 50 or more now seems to be 10-20 years old by his age. Anil Kapoor is the biggest example of his 62 years But 43-year-old Akshay looks younger than Khanna.
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