The relations between Afghanistan and India are now getting stronger … Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday refused to talk to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi on telephone, while on the same day, with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘terror hideouts’ The need to end “. Ashraf Gani tweeted,” Prime Minister Modi is the enemy of humanity Called for his condolences to the silly murders of the citizens … Media reports have said that when the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Abbasi asked him to talk to the phone in this regard, Ghani refused. Afghanistan The President, indirectly targeting Pakistan, said, “In relation to the need to eliminate terrorists’ hideouts in our neighborhood That’s not dialogue .. He said India has always been a “good friend of Afghanistan that share our sorrow and anguish.” According to Tolo News, Abbasi had called Ghani “in connection with the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan”. Ghani has sent a delegation to Islamabad to share evidence against the recent attacks in Kabul with the Pakistani army. Kabul has been accusing Islamabad of supporting terrorist groups in Afghanistan in Islamabad.

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