Home Minister Rajnath Singh has made a big statement regarding the operation of Indian security forces in the month of Ramzan in Jammu Kashmir … Rajnath Singh said that “the army is not sitting by hand.” On the question of the violence that took place during the Ramzan in Kashmir, the Home Minister clarified that there is no ‘sizfire’ in Kashmir but the suspension of operation is to stop it for some time. The army is not seated by hand. Rajnath Singh said that it was not a ceasefire, but considering the Ramadan, the army had stopped its operation. But it was clearly stated that after any terrorist activity, we would start the operation again. We have not been tied to the hands of our security forces.
Our security forces have killed 5 militants on the attack. Rajnath Singh said on another question that there is no cure due to talks with the Kashmir issue. He said that a lot of work is being done in paramilitary forces. About one million troops of paramilitary forces are in the entire country. When a young martyr was born, his family members were given Rs 50-55 lakhs but we decided that in such cases no less than one crore rupees would be given.

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