Nasa ने ऐसे सुलझायी भारत की करोड़ों की चोरी की गुत्थी


Yes, there is no mistake or clue behind you. This time, Khakee has also decided that the thieves will not be released at any cost, although it is possible due to the American space agency NASA. With the help of which the thieves clashed with police after two years of robbery. The case was a robbery of Rs 5.78 crore in Salem-Chennai Egmore Express two years ago. Tamil Nadu Police has settled the case of train robbery with the help of NASA two years after the incident. Satellite photos of the scene were arranged with the help of NASA The CID branch of the police saw these pictures of NASA and started looking for thieves on the basis of that.

Investigations revealed that the dacoits were from Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Meanwhile, the suspects have also been questioned. According to the information, Tamil Nadu Police has reached Madhya Pradesh to arrest suspected accused. In this case of loot, 11 criminals are suspected to be involved. It is being said that the gang of robbers is also involved in many crimes in North India. The police have claimed that the robbers will be arrested soon. Let us tell you that this incident of train robbery happened two years ago when the train was waiting for a signal between Salem and Vrindachalam stations. The robbers took advantage of this and cut off the roof of the train and took 5.78 crore rupees from the RBI.

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