आज भी रहस्य है Rajasthan के इस Fort में छिपा अरबों का खजाना !


Rajasthan, the land of the valor, is famous for its courage, courage and sacrifice. Every city has its own unique identity. There have been many impenetrable fortifications on the land of Rajasthan, but there is a fort here that has hidden a secret in its own way so far. The name of this fort is Jaigarh. This mysterious fort is located in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. Jaigarh fort is also one of the few military buildings of medieval India in Jaipur. The palaces, gardens, water stitches, other stores, arsenal, a well-organized artillery factory, the temple and the world’s largest cannon – Jayabanan make it a more fascinating place. The spreading piers, the turret and the entrance of Jaigarh spread the story of its strength. Jaigad fort, called the pride of Jaipur, has kept a state of emergency. In 1975 when there was an emergency in the country, Indira Gandhi had taken action in search of hidden treasures in this fort.
The search that began on June 10, 1976, ended in November 1976. When this inquiry was over, the government officially said that there is no treasure in the fort, but many people doubt it on this statement of the government. The biggest reason for this is that when the army finished its operation, then Delhi-Jaipur Highway was closed for the common people for one day. It is said that during this time, the treasures found in the fort of Jaigad were brought to Delhi in trucks and the government wanted to keep it hidden from the public eye. The confirmation of the highway closure is from many reliable sources, but the government has never given an explanation for it. The estimation of this treasure would have been worth a whopping 128 crore rupees. On August 11, 1976, Bhutto wrote a letter to then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in which Pakistan considered herself entitled to the wealth of Jaigad … A section of historians also believed that there was a treasure in Jaigad Fort, but the king Jaisingh II has developed the city of Jaipur from that. Now the question is: If the government did not get the treasure of Jaigad, then he went to the treasure? These questions are still buried in the pages of history as a mystery.
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