There is nothing going on well between India and China for the past several months. On the tension of the two countries, all kinds of responses have been started from abroad … Former US diplomat on this issue said that relations between China and India Are becoming like cold war. Former ambassador Elisa Ayes, who worked in South and Central Asia bureau, commented during the release of her book “Our Time Has Come How India Is Making It’s Place in the World”. He said that there is a strong commercial link between India and China, but it is not much satisfactory for India. For many reasons the United States is not satisfied with its business relationship with China. During this time, several questions were asked about the relation of India to China from Alisa. He said that India is worried about the way China is impacting its Indian Ocean. He said that the way China is building a deep relationship with Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as the way India is investing heavily in these countries, India can also be concerned about it. In response to a question, it is unlikely that Delhi is a good option for controlling Beijing. It is unlikely that India will become part of any such initiative. India does not want to spoil its relationship at the international level.

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