After the telecom sector, the Reliance jio is now preparing to bring home broadband service. On the other hand, Chinese company Shiaomi Smartphone, which has stepped up its move in the Indian smartphone market, is planning to launch TV and other electronic products in the country. Reliance Jio and Shiaomi are now preparing to join hands under the same planning. Geo has already worked closely with Apple. Now news is that Geo Chinese company Shiaomi can launch Shiaomi smart TV in India. These TVs will be sold exclusively on Geo Retail Network and Reliance Digital Store. Along with this, Shiomi is preparing to bring several other products to India. After this deal, Shiamoi will not be left in India as a smartphone brand, but it will also be known for other products. Some senior officials of Shiaomi India and Reliance Jio are meeting regularly for the past few weeks. The partnership of Shiaomi and Reliance will start under B2B Smart Point of Sale. Let us know that Geo Home is going to start the Broadband service. It is believed that Shiaomi can launch his smart TV along with this. Along with this, both the companies can launch new smartphones under this partnership.

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