The tension between China and Taiwan is growing steadily. Meanwhile, the two countries have canceled more than 200 flights, with thousands of people facing trouble. In China about 200,000 citizens live in Taiwan and work, who wants to come home for Lunar New Year in February but now they are stuck. On Tuesday, Chinese carriers have canceled their 176 flights by China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Arline. The dispute between Taiwan and China is increasing steadily over the air route dispute. China has opened three new airspace routes in the first week of January, which is very close to Taiwan. China had also made an aircraft military drill on its new route, for which Taiwan had written letters to the Beijing government expressing objection. Taiwan has alleged that China has not discussed once before making such a decision. Taiwan has described these new routes of China as a threat to its sovereignty and security. The standoff between the two countries is increasing steadily from the new Hawai route. Meanwhile, the Taiwan Army has a military drill on Tuesday .. According to defense experts, if there is a dispute between China and Taiwan, then India will support Taiwan without doubt … Recently India and Taiwan There have been several agreements between … According to the AFP news agency, conditions like war on the Eastern port of the country were made on the Hualien. In the exercise, the ships and tanks of the enemy landed on the Hualien harbor, with the Taiwanese army on the ground facing them. To help the army, Taiwan’s combat helicopter and F-16 aircraft were bombing enemy forces. In view of the growing tensions in Taiwan, Taiwan’s President Cy-Ing Wein said that the relationship between Taipei and Beijing will reach a dangerous level.

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